Top Things You’ll Want For Being a City Person in a Big City

City living isn’t for everyone, and most of the reasons why are because of logistics. When you’re crammed into a city, there’s a lot of stuff you have to sacrifice and you have to be willing to be around people all the time. Other people are constantly up in your space making your day to day life more difficult. It’s a miracle everyone doesn’t just move to the country. In fact, an ideal life would be to live in the country, and near a city, sort of like Nashville. But most of us can’t live there so we have to deal with one or the other. Each poses a set of advantages and disadvantages. However if you are a city person, there are some things you can do to make it a bit easier on yourself. And mostly that’s just a matter of convenience. Here are some things you need to make your city life less annoying.

Small Car


You’re going to want to get a small car, that’s for sure. You see these people driving these massive SUV’s all around to the super market and you just wonder how on earth they ever find a parking spot. The truth is they seldom do, and sometimes they just have to park on top of another car, or on a motorcycle, or in the green strip between two lanes of traffic. You’re going to want a small car – not something like a Smart Car, those are terrible. But something like a Prius-C – those things are perfect city cars. If you test drive one at San Diego Toyota I’m pretty sure you will fall in love, like I did. I saw mine first at and am so thankful that i got a nice tiny city car, and its incredible gas mileage is an additional blessing.

Good Walking Shoes


Nothing kills a day worse than having mega blisters in your feet after walking all around the city. You should definitely invest in a good pair of sneakers if you’re going to be hoofing it around the town doing errands and visiting friends. Nothing is worse than having to walk somewhere and realizing you’re in incredible pain because you’ve been walking too much, and you know you’re going to have a few cocktails so you can’t drive. It’s a big mess. Get good shoes and you’ll be all set.

Smart Phone


You can’t live in a city without a smart phone, ideally an iPhone 5 or 6. Let’s be honest, everything we do in the city uses the smart phone features. You can get instant directions to a new restaurant, or send a pin of where you are to your friend so they can meet you. You don’t have to waste a lot of time triangulating where you and your amigos are. Also, you can use it for Lyft and Uber to get from place to place. Don’t live in the past, live in the now.

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