How To Act Like The Dude You Want To Be in Hollywood

Hollywood is a crazy place. It’s one where you can’t just be yourself, that’s the worst thing you can possibly be. You have to be what you want to be, you have to act like the future you, so that you can become that. What’s terrible about that is you start being a monster, this terrible version of a human, some shell on the outside that inside is just calculating on a daily basis about how to become what you think you want to be, but what all your friends and family will loathe. This is why Hollywood folks date and hang out with only other Hollywood folks, because the shells can attract and the insides don’t matter, and the people with actual substance are left out of the equation so no one is there to call attention to the fact that they are all shallow little non human sort of robots. If you want this, and the money and fame that goes along with it, listen up.

Dress the Part


You have to change your insides of course, but you also have to change your outsides so people will know that you are a Hollywood type. You can’t just wear the clothes you brought with you when you moved to Hollywood. That’s for the folks you left behind at home. You need to change your wardrobe around to match the new you, the you you wanna be. Go to fancy places and buy really nice clothes, like $200 jeans, and fancy shoes. Do not forget to get a nice pair of shoes. There’s a lot of quick judgment that can be made about the shoes. If you need to max out a credit card, do it, it’ll pay off in the long run.
Fancy Car


You need a car that can get the job done, not just getting you from your apartment in the Hills to the studio, but can impress the show folk once you get to the studio. So don’t snooze on getting a fancy car. Go to Glendale Ford and shop around – there are some pretty fancy Fords these days and it won’t break the bank. You can put fancy clothes on a credit card, but you don’t need to go crazy on a car just yet. The Teslas are in your future, but in your present you need a good fancy but reliable car. Check out what the options are for you on You may be surprised about what you can get.

Always Smile


You can’t get anywhere with being a jerk on the outside, so always flash those pearly whites and be a schmooze everywhere you go. You have no idea who is behind you in line at Starbucks, or who’s near you. Meet everyone, be always smiling, and always have your head shots and business card ready to hand out. Sleep with anyone and everyone. Just go for broke and you’ll make it. If you’re not going all in, you’re not even trying. You can make your dream happen if you just buckle down and make it happen.

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