• 2015 Lexus NX Enters Booming Compact Crossover Segment


    Lexus is jumping into the booming compact crossover segment with a brand new model referred to as the NX.

    This toned down version in the wild-looking LF-NX concept is significant in a number of ways. It introduces some interesting new technology, though not only does it give Toyota’s luxury brand an entry in one of the hottest-selling sectors from the auto market.

    The NX – which goes on sale as a 2015 model later this year – will be the first Lexus to offer a turbocharged engine.

    Turbocharging permits a smaller engine without compromising performance. Power output is a key selling point for luxury vehicles, so having the capability to offer an engine that is both potent and efficient enough to adhere to stringent emissions regulations is essential.

    The turbocharged version from the Lexus’ new compact crossover is called the NX 200t, and it will purchase an all-new 2.-liter four-cylinder engine.

    Lexus has not yet released the performance data for the new engine, nor has it said the number of miles per gallon it would get. However the company talked up the engine’s “fast throttle response,” “exhilarating performance” and “outstanding fuel efficiency” in a press release for the LF-NX Turbo, the concept vehicle on which the NX is located. The concept appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in November (and you can view a photo from it here).

    The base model of the Lexus NX, called the NX 200 – no “t” inside the name – will have a non-turbocharged four-cylinder engine with less power. A third version called the NX 300h could have a hybrid powertrain.

    Consistent with its strategy to offer more exciting vehicles, Lexus will provide an F Sport version of the NX 200t. F Sport models feature a tighter suspension and sportier styling, among other tweaks.

    The NX will compete with the Audi Q3, BMW X3 and Range Rover Evoque, all of which currently have turbocharged four-cylinder engines. Is future updated, though another NX competitor, the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, does not.

    The brand new model will be positioned below Lexus’ only other crossover, the midsize RX.

    Even though styling of the NX is toned down compared to the LF-NX concept, the aggressive “spindle” grille and sharply creased origami-like styling carries through.

    Notable interior features feature a new touchpad user interface along with a wireless charging tray for cell phones along with other compatible devices.

    The 2015 Lexus NX, which made its debut at the auto show in Beijing this spring, continues a trend of luxury brands expanding into new segments. Already on the way from Lexus is the RC, which will be its first two-door coupe in 13 years.

    Other examples include the Cadillac ELR, the first luxury coupe that’s also a plug-in hybrid, as well as the Jaguar F-Type, the British automaker’s first true sports vehicle in four decades.

    But SUVs, specifically, have been one of the most active segments for expansion. Mercedes carries a new GLA-Class that slots just below its GLK-Class.

  • How to make your sweetheart cry with joy

    We all cry every once and again. There are no exceptions. I was just playing with my two year old daughter earlier, and though she’s generally pretty good, nothing prompts a cry of fury than a missed nap. I think it’s fair to say that all of us do a little crying when she misses her nap, but that’s beside the point. There are sad cries and frustrated cries, but there are also those tears that only start to well up from the purest of joys and the most honest of happy emotions. In my experience, this is very rare, but those few occasions that it did happen were memorable. This holiday season, make it your goal to find that precise gesture to make your sweetheart’s eyes well up, to make her lip quiver, and to make her explode with love and joy.


    A sure way to accomplish this nearly impossible goal is to adorn your driveway on Christmas morning with a brand new Nissan Altima. If your sweetheart is thinking of getting a new car, or you know that it’s just about that time, the brand new hybrid Altima is a stunning and affordable way to show your sweetheart that her happiness and her safety mean everything to you. As far as environmentally friendly cars go, this one is second to none. It is full of inspired safety features that will make you worry about her an iota less, and it is unbelievably smooth and sexy which will make her think about you an iota more. If you know that she’s in need of a new and safe ride, do yourself a favor and go online to either Glendale Nissan or http://www.downtownnissan.com and find the one that best suits her needs. Also, don’t forget to dress that new car up in a beautiful bow.


    If she’s not in need of a new car, you have myriad more options to induce the happy cry. Nothing says those magical words like the right piece of jewelry. All men already know that, but finding the right piece of jewelry for your sweetheart is infinitely easier said than done. For most women, a diamond tennis bracelet, no matter how expensive, just won’t do. You need to find something that represents her specifically. Los Angeles has so many boutique jewelry stores and you will doubtlessly find something that reminds you of her. My girlfriend is an avid nature lover and an experienced biologist. She loves the outdoors, and I know that a generic piece of metal and stone would be an insult to her individual sensibilities. With a little bit of a search and effort, I found the perfect piece for her and I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it.


    Whatever you choose to get for your sweetheart this holiday season, make sure to make it for her and just for her. This might sound obvious to many of you men out there, but after surveying hundreds of women, you’d be surprised how few of them are truly moved by their gifts.

  • Honda CR-V Black and White Editions Now Made Available


    Honda has added two new special editions to its CR-V range – the Black White and Edition Edition – each with unique styling touches and extra kit.

    Both White and Black Editions wear 19-inch Orion alloy wheels and feature a more substantial tail-pipe trim, privacy glass, a new front grille, colour-coded roof spoiler and side running steps.

    Equipment levels are based on the SE-T grade, meaning dual-zone climate control, front, rear and Bluetooth parking power and sensors-folding door mirrors are standard, though with the addition of metallic paint and satellite navigation.

    The CR-V White and Black Editions are available now with either a 2.-litre petrol or 2.2-litre diesel engine, plus manual or automatic transmissions.

    Prices start at £28,400.

  • New Citroen C1 Reveals Price To £8,245


    The new Citroen C1 will probably be priced from just £8,245 if it goes on sale this July.

    The C1 will be obtainable in three trim levels – Feel, Touch and Flair – although the fabric-topped Airscape models can come as Feel and Flair only.

    The entry-level Touch model features ABS, remote locking, electric front windows, MP3 stereo and LED running lights.

    Feel models add air conditioner, seven-inch touch-screen system with DAB digital radio, and body-coloured door handles and mirrors.

    Top-of-the-range Flair versions go on to incorporate 15-inch alloy wheels, rev counter, reversing camera, electric door mirrors, leather controls and rear privacy glass.

    There’s a selection of three engines: a VTi 68 with either five-speed manual or five-speed clutchless ETG ‘box, an e-VTi 68 with start/stop along with a five-speed manual, or a new three-cylinder PureTech VTi 82 with a five-speed manual.

    2014 Citroen C1 Prices

    C1 Touch VTi 68 manual 3-door £8,245

    C1 Feel VTi 68 manual 3-door / 5-door £9,495 / £9,895

    C1 Flair VTi 68 manual 3-door / 5-door £10,185 / £10,585

    C1 Flair e-VTi 68 Airdream manual 3-door / 5-door £10,435 / £10,835

    C1 Flair VTi 68 ETG 5-door £11,085

    C1 Flair VTi 82 manual 3-door / 5-door £10,535 / £10,935

    C1 Airscape Feel VTi 68 manual 3-door / 5-door £10,345 / £10,745

    C1 Airscape Feel VTi 82 manual 5-door £11,095

    C1 Airscape Flair e-VTi 68 Airdream manual 3-door / 5-door £11,285 / £11,685

    C1 Airscape Flair VTi 68 ETG 5-door £11,935

    C1 Airscape Flair VTi 82 manual 3-door / 5-door £11,385 / £11,785

  • Finding the Perfect Used Car

    Your current car has seen better days, or maybe a young driver in your family has created the need for an extra set of wheels. Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself sorting through the endless options available on the car market. Considering a used vehicle might just be the right choice for you. Most cars being manufactured today are built with the quality and durability to endure miles and multiple owners, making a used ride a great value. If you’re thinking about purchasing a used car, read on. We’ve compiled our top tips to help you get the most out of your money and your vehicle.

    Evaluate Your Needs


    Before beginning your search, consider the attributes you need and want from your car. Are you purchasing just for yourself, or are you looking for a family vehicle? This will impact your need for cargo space, passenger capacity, and certain safety features that might be important to you. Are you shopping for a commuter vehicle, or do you do a significant amount of highway driving? If so, you’ll want to look for cars that are known for high fuel economy. You should also consider your need for storage space, if you have garage or street parking, or if you need a car that can handle off road conditions or inclement weather, depending on where you live. Once you have a firm grip on what you need from your car, your search can begin in earnest.

    Do Your Research


    After you’ve identified the things you need your car to do and provide, compile a list of makes and models that meet your qualifications. Mini vans and SUVs make for great family cars, and have a high resale value. Compact models and hatchbacks tend to be popular with young professionals, and pre-owned models are almost always available from reputable dealerships. Once you’ve narrowed down the kind of car you want, establish a budget and stick to it. Unless you’re able to pay cash, you’ll need to consider what you can afford to spend on a monthly car payment. A good rule of thumb is to allocate no more than 20% of your take home income on your car payment. Remember, you’re buying a used car for the value and savings, so don’t push beyond your means. If you’ve figured out the kind of car you want and what you can afford to spend on it, you’re ready to start test driving!

    Test Drive


    Now that you know exactly what you’re looking for in a used car, it’s time to get to the car lot and start checking them out! Find a reliable pre-owned car dealership in your area, like Riverside Ford, to find the best models and savings. Be sure to test drive several different cars before settling on one to purchase. http://fairviewford.com always has a great selection available and a knowledgeable staff to help you make the best choice. Buckle up- you’re on your way to the perfect used car!

  • What Makes The Audi TT Offroad Concept


    Audi is investigating methods for adding new models towards the TT range, and the first exploration in this vein is the Audi TT offroad concept, unveiled today at the Beijing Auto Show in China.

    Audi says the concept combines the ‘sporty genes of your TT together with the strengths of your compact SUV’.

    The Audi TT offroad concept is a plug-in hybrid, featuring power from both a 2.-litre TFSI petrol engine developing 292 hp and 380 Nm of torque, plus a pair of electric motors.

    One, producing 40 kW and 220 Nm, is incorporated into the six-speed dual-clutch transmission, while another is placed on the rear axle, capable of delivering 85 kW and 270 Nm.

    Combined, this gives the TT offroad concept 408 hp and 650 Nm of torque to play with, and this can lead to a 5.2 second -62 mph some time and a 155 mph electronically-limited top speed.

    The true benefit is in efficiency, with all the concept achieving 149 mpg while emitting just 45 g/km of CO2.

    It can even drive for up to 31 miles on electric power alone fed from a 12 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery mounted just in front of the rear axle.

    Recharging battery can be achieved either via a wall box or Audi’s Wireless Charging technology.

    This requires a special charging plate embedded into a parking spot with an alternating magnetic field that induces a 3.3 kW current in a coil placed on the underside of the vehicle.

    Audi claims the system is 90% efficient, isn’t affected by rain, snow or ice, and will recharge the car in the same time as a cabled charge.

    Three driving modes are available: EV mode drives the vehicle utilizing the rear electric motor at speeds of up to 80.8 mph.

    Hybrid mode allows both electric motors and the petrol engine to be effective together, although the front-mounted electric motor works mostly as a generator, using the petrol engine’s power to recharge the battery and extended the range (to your potential total range of 547 miles).

    In Sport mode, the full combined output of the system is available, together with the powerful rear motor providing additional acceleration to help the petrol unit as required.

    The system could also switch in electric motors to provide four-wheel-drive when additional traction is required in slippery conditions.

  • 2014 Super Chevy Show Memphis-Editor Releases Editor’s Choice Show Car Awards


    Few Super Chevy Shows have the level of turnout we experience in Memphis. Tens of thousands of spectators, hundreds of show cars, several race cars as will fit in the pits, and some 750 swap meet vendors. It is truly Bow Tie overload. Fans come from as far away as Kansas and Iowa to take part in this action. For your car show, we are tasked with picking our five Editor’s Choice award winners. It could be everything from a stock Camaro into a modified truck. Alternatively, anything in between. Whatever moved us. Which five would we like to drive home? At Memphis International, the sights inside the show field were truly overwhelming. We could easily pick 20 favorites. Narrowing it down to five was a good task. We finally narrowed it down to a group we’d be proud to call our own. Mick Price’s ’62 409/409 Biscayne was one for the ages with its red-on-red color scheme and formal post roof. We were consumed by Chuck Leonard’s ’56 Nomad, which sported a wonderful black and red two-tone paint scheme and a detailed 6.-liter LS under the hood. Kenny Park’s restored ’72 Heavy Chevy Chevelle was one Bow Tie you don’t see very often, so he got an award. Geoff Cowan brought his ’69 Pro Street Camaro all the way from Iowa. Recently completed, it had 572 Rat power backed by way of a Tremec 6-speed. Finally, there was Carl Walling’s Jewel Blue ’61 Corvette. We were smitten by its Day Two mods, including a Hurst T-handle shifter.

  • A Car for Christmas


    Everyone has seen the commercials where someone unwraps a tiny box from under the tree, pulls out a key, steps out onto the snow covered driveway, and finds a brand new car topped with a giant, red bow. And while a car might not be something everyone can afford for Christmas, it’s becoming more of an option with special financing offers and great year end deals as car lots begin to make room for the arrival of next year’s models.

    CT  CT auto03.jpg

    If you’re thinking about buying your loved one a new car for Christmas, your local Corona Nissan dealer has tons of great, affordable options. You can visit their website, http://metronissanredlands.com, to see all the cars currently available on the lot and most of the special offers and pricing.
    Buying your loved one a car could seem like an extravagant gift but it’s really a very functional and great way to provide them with something they need, will use every day, and will be a huge part of your lives. If you’re buying a car for your spouse, a car payment is something you’ll incur whether you buy the car before or after Christmas, so why not turn the necessity into a fun surprise by getting a car to your spouse’s specifications and then adding some customizations to truly make it something they would never do for themselves? With several weeks left before Christmas, you have time to take the new for added features like an automatic starter, monogrammed seats, tinted windows, or a custom sound system. Your loved one will be thrilled to get a brand new car and it will be a Christmas present that is never forgotten. Show someone just how much you care with a new Nissan during this holiday season.

  • The Best Thing About The Kimi Raikkonen’s Helmet


    Really, could it be that hard to discover the appeal in Kimi Räikkönen? Ferrari’s bizarre ex-champ spends nearly all of his time partying hard and driving fast, punctuated by moments of incoherent mumbling and puzzled looks. It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether or not anyone has notified Kimi that he’s a world-famous racing driver, however, for all his quirks and aloof moments, the Iceman’s following is strong.

    And for those Räikkönen fans out there, today is your lucky day.

    RM Auctions has announced it is going to auction off one the Finn’s helmets-a bespoke, matte-black bucket with ‘Iceman’ spelled out in diamonds across the temple. Räikkönen aficionados may recognize it as the helmet worn during his 2005 Grand Prix victory on the streets of Monte Carlo while driving for McLaren.

  • Dario Franchitti becomes a part of Formula E’s commentators

    Indianapolis 500 Champions Portrait Session

    As Road & Track’s paddock pundit Marshall Pruett opined last November, the magnitude of Dario Franchitti’s terrifying wreck in Houston and subsequent IndyCar retirement cannot be understated. But stepping away from competition wasn’t going to keep your exuberant 40-year-old Scotsman out from the racing spotlight for long, and now we know what his next project will be: Formula E has announced that Franchitti will join its television commentary team during the 2014 season, which begins September 13 with a Grand Prix in Beijing.

    With four Indycar titles and a trio of Indianapolis 500 wins under his belt, Franchitti is an ideal candidate to provide a driver’s insight into the fledgling open-wheel series. His familiar face and affable personality will certainly be a boon to Formula E as it tries to establish a fan base and garner viewership in its inaugural season.

    Franchitti will complement lead commentator Jack Nicholls, who at only 24 yrs old has already done voice work with FIA GT1 and Formula 2 along with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

    Formula E has established quite a buzz this year, but skeptics have argued that silent all-electric cars won’t offer the same allure his or her internal combustion counterparts in F1 or WEC. Franchitti’s rich accent might be precisely what the quiet series needs.